1,Where can I apply the Wall Stickers and Wall Decals?

Stickershut stickers and decals can be applied on any smooth and clean surfaces such as painted walls, glass, window, mirror, metal, wood, plastic, ceilings, doors, light switch surrounds, cabinetry facing, smooth tile, stainless steel refrigerators, dishwashers and toilet covers. Other than the above recommended surfaces, please avoid rough concrete surfaces, bumpy skip trowel walls and freshly painted wall.

2,How do I choose the right size of decal for my wall?

The sizes provided on the product pages mainly refer to the packaging size some are actual size©. The actual size is very depending on how you arrange the stickers or decals within a space. For example, a sticker of a bird can be applied on the next face of wall which might extend the total size to a different room.
Basically our Wall Stickers have only one size while some of our Wall Decals might have multiple sizes ranging from small to large for you to choose from in order to fit well for small to large spaces. It is recommended to measure the total space you intend to apply the Wall Decals before purchasing the products.

3,How to remove stickers or decals?

All of our stickers and decals are easy to be removed safely. Our wall stickers and decals products will not leave any residue on the wall if handle carefully by following the instruction below.
When removing, lift up an edge of the stickers first and peel up the entire piece slowly. Use blow dryer if needed. The heat will help soften the glue and make the stickers easier to be removed from the surface.
Please note that we are unable to guarantee zero percent paint flecking while removing the stickers. The causes of paint flecking are vary from conditions of the wall and the locations the stickers were applied.

4, Air Bubbles on the sticker?

After the stickers have been successfully applied, sometimes air bubbles still can be found if you take a closer look. Simple use a needle or pin to poke the bubbles then smooth them out with finger.

5,Are the stickers and decals reusable?

Our wall stickers and wall decals are removable but not reusable. The adhesive glue and the shape of the stickers or decals might be transformed while removing from the surface. Therefore, the distorted stickers or decals might not deliver the best presentation as the first time. Except the giant sizes stickers, the small palm sizes pieces such as Glow in the Dark stars might be reusable but not guaranteed.

6,Custom orders?

Sorry, all the orders cannot be changed after we get your confirmation by email. So please check your order carefully.

7,Are Sticker/Decal colours accurate on my monitor?

There may be differences in the colours due to the RGB calibration of each computer monitor is different. Wall Sticker products are full color print (contain gradient or blended colours) which should have minor issues with colours.
Wall Decal products are single solid colour. We will provide colour descriptions that best match the actual colour. Please let us know if you have further concerns before ordering your wall Decals.

8,Why wall decal and transfer sheet are packed separately?

For the wall decal products, transfer sheets are included in the package. The transfer sheet is used to help transferring the decal pattern from decal backing on to the wall/surface. They are packed separately because the glue on the sticky side of the transfer sheet might damage the quality of the decal if you don't peel it in a short period of time (couple months). Therefore, we encourage to use it only when you are ready to decorate the wall with decals.
The transfer sheet is reusable. It's good to protect our environment by eliminating the waste of reusable tools.

9,Wall stickers and decals on exterior?

Although the Wall Sticker products are made of water proof material, we do not guarantee the performance and life cycle if expose the stickers directly to the steamed/moist environment and outdoor surface except the Car Decal products.

10,How can I pay online?

Currently, we only receive payment with PayPal. PayPal. This is the most frequent payment method as it is fast and efficient. If you do not have a PayPal account, it does not matter. You can also pay via PayPal with your credit card or bank debit card